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BD Center from the beginning of its existence participates in projects which aim is to develop and implement new technologies and solutions in education. Noteworthy above all it is “know-how” gained under several international projects such as the transfer of innovation projects even within the Leonardo da Vinci program. These are projects of multilateral cooperation involving the transfer of innovative solutions and products on new ground to improve the quality of education and vocational training. In the course of international cooperation BD Center adapted and implemented abroad ideas checked for substantive, linguistic, cultural and legal. They were usually e-learning platforms and unique educational programs using information technology. BD Center also initiated and produced a number of innovative projects implemented under the Operational Programme Human Capital. These are projects whose aim is to search for new, better and more effective ways to solve problems within the sphere of education.

The aim of the Department of Education in the field related to the transfer of innovations is a service activity: consulting, training and promotional activities in the field of knowledge commercialization and entrepreneurship in the community (including academic), and the economic environment.

In the sphere of implementation of modern technologies and innovative solutions in teaching BD Center provides: preparation and implementation of projects aimed at the promotion and development of innovation in education, personalized assistance and advice in the implementation of innovative projects, development and implementation of standards and best practices in the use of modern technologies and innovative solutions in teaching, developing networks in the country and abroad to increase the capacity of the implementation of projects.

In the sphere of innovation transfer BD Center offers assistance in areas such as:

1) EU Structural Funds and other external national funds (e.g. initiating projects funded from the above funds including advice on the possibility of applying, assistance in project management, assistance in preparation of applications);

2) implementation of research results (e.g. handling technology transfer process including the preparation of an offer or a request for technology, review profiles of suppliers or recipients of technology, assistance in the implementation of research results, analysis of the companies needs in the field of new technologies and innovation).